The past couple of weeks have been spent working on the new website for a local Gaelic Football team –

This site is an upgrade of the previous site I bulit for the club.

The main reason for the upgrade was to migrate from the Joomla! CMS to Drupal.

Drupal provides the site’s maintainers with an easier interface to manage and update content.

Drupal is easily upgraded and requires no hacking of its core. This makes development a lot easier. Though I built the first site using Joomla! about three years ago, so was a bit more inexperienced, I find Drupal a lot easier to work with. Drupal also has a very active community and a library of very useful modules.

The biggest difference between this site and almost all other sites I have built is that this one was designed by a professional. I am now working closely with a web and graphic designer.

Over the years I have found design to be the hardest part of developing new websites. It has usually absorbed the most amount of time on projects, and I am never satisfied with the final result.

I think that the O’Dempsey’s site is a big step forward. The design is very nice, in my opinion, and being freed from design duties has allowed me to concentrate on the functionality of the site.

I’d love feedback on the site. Content is being managed by the club, but if anyone would like to send me suggestions for site features or issues with the site then I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for your time.