I am spineless!

February 8, 2009

Yes I am and I vow never to rant again.

I still can’t understand Skype’s requirement that your Paypal account have a credit card associated but I caved.

I bought a 3V voucher, a virtual credit card, in my local shop and used it to verify my Paypal account. I then completely wussed out and bought €10 of Skype credit.

It was a case of having to.

I’ve used many Voip service providers over the past few years and have never been fully satisfied by any of them. They were all good most of the time, but sometimes they went offline, or the router blocked the port they needed, or they changed their pricing, etc…

So I’ve been on a mission to sort this out once and for all. I’d heard a lot of good things about Skype from friends but put most of this down to the fact that most of them had never used any other service and had bought into Skype’s name and hype.

I was wrong.

Skype is easy to setup, works well with your network(at least I have yet to have a problem with it), and has excellent call quality on both PC-PC and PC-Phone.

It also has excellent accessories like the wireless Skype phone and that sexy looking video phone.

I vow never to rant in anger again and also to never to be a “It can’t be good, it’s popular and it’s not open-source” snob again.