Skype requires your Paypal account to have a Credit Card

February 5, 2009

Over the past month I’ve been doing a bit of research on Internet Marketing.

Thanks to ProBlogger I’ve found some great sites. One such site is Itty Biz.

Itty Biz is run by Naomi Dunford. Naomi has great practical advice for small business marketing and her writing is easy to read and often very funny.

Even though Naomi targets small business I think she could teach Skype a thing or too about Barriers to Purchase.

I sell on eBay. I use Paypal, exclusively, to receove payments.  I put some of the moneyI make into my bank account and leave some in Paypal. I then use the money in Paypal to purchase online services, books,etc…

Apparently eBay owns Paypal. Apparently eBay also owns Skype. Apparently though neither Skype nor Paypal know this.

I’ve been using Skype for PC to PC calls for a year now. I’ve also encouraged some of my clients and suppliers to use Skype so we can contact each other easily (read “for free”).

Last week I decided to put call credit into my Skype account. I’d been using Gizmo5 for PC to phone calls but wanted to, using a Credit Crunch term, Rationalise my Voip process. So Skype would now be used for all calls from PC and who knows I might have even bought a Skype phone or used Skype on my Three mobile.

But that’s when the wheels came off. Skype requires my Paypal account to have a credit card associated with it. Since I don’t have, or ever want again, a credit card then I’ll have to look elsewhere to spend my hard earned cash.

I don’t need a credit card to sell or buy on eBay. I want to buy Skype credit. That’s all, just “pay as you call credit”. If there’s no credit, then no call. If I’m in the middle of a call and no credit – cut me off. I’m a big boy I can take it, just cut me off. No need for guarantees then, so why the need for a credit card?

I’m not alone:

It seems this issue started about a year ago.

You can use Moneybookers. I haven’t used them but I think I’ll start using them now… with my Gizmo5 account.

Cheerio Skype!


2 Responses to “Skype requires your Paypal account to have a Credit Card”

  1. Ahh, PayPal. Turns out 2 out of my 3 accounts were suspended today for — wait for it! — suspected money laundering! So when you’re done getting your credits, would you mind lending me twenty bucks? 🙂

    Ebay, meet Skype. Skype, meet PayPal.

    It’s like one of those meet-your-long-lost-brother things on Oprah.

  2. jjmax Says:

    I wounder what soundtrack they’d use over that? Maybe that “It’s a little bit funny this feeling inside” song?
    It’s enough to make you cry.

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