Do Google Ads work?

January 29, 2009

I am working through the 5th chapter now which deals with the important subject of earning money from your blog.

I’ve tried some affiliate marketing by adding CPA (Cost Per Acquisition link, earn by commission) links to the site. I picked some advertisers that might be of interest to the target audience of my blog.

I’ve also setup Google Adsense for the site. Google publishes advertisements that relate to my site’s content in a small box. These are widespread on the web.

The big question – Do they work?

Apparently – YES!!!!

I’ve earned $1.50 already from the Google Ads!

The money doesn’t make me excited but the ability to earn money from a blog is an exciting feeling. When I opened my Adsense account and saw that I had earned some cash whilst sleeping the night before I was overwhelmed!

The potential is there, now it is a matter of promoting the blog, developing it further and keeping it updated(daily).

Watch this space.


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