Update on blogging progress

January 20, 2009

I’ve gotten back to Problogger.

So far the book has covered some very interesting topics that have helped focus me on a niche. A lot of the advice in the book is general but the exercises that are given throughout each chapter really help you decide on what you can write about.

I’m not going to reveal the niche I’ve started working on. I’ll leave that until the blog is a success!

I’m also not sure I’ve picked a great niche for earning money as there doesn’t seem to be too many affiliate programs or Adword campaigns that target it. But, it’s my first proper blog so I guess I’ll just “suck it and see”. I don’t regard this blog as my first proper blog as I am just writing it for practise and to help myself keep track of my progress.

Here’s a rundown of the chapters so far in Problogger:

  • The Introduction
    Here Darren & Chris introduce themselves (no!!). There’s a lenghty description by Darren about how he started in pro-blogging. A good start that immediately clears up the notion, in case anyone had it, that this is a get rich quick scheme.
  1. Blogging for money
    Into the meat of it!
    Well not quite but this chapter is very useful as it gives you a clear idea of what:

    • Blogging is
    • Blogging isn’t
    • Ways you can make money from blogging

    There are also some very useful sections about search engines and analysing your blogs success (or lack thereof).

  2. Niche blogging
    What is your blog  going to be about?
    I found this chapter incredibly useful, particularly the exercises regarding outlining your interests and then rating them to help in deciding what to write about.
    This chapter lays out the foundations for developing a successful blog.

  3. Setting up your blog
    I could skip through most of this section as it covers the technical side of setting up a blog.
    The main piece of advice that came through here was that self-hosted blogs are the way to go if you can. There is also a good section in this chapter about choosing a domain name.

I’ve gone through these three chapters quite thoroughly and I’ve enjoyed the read so far. To sum up, I’ve picked a niche I feel I can write a lot about and I’ve chosen a platform to host the blog.

I’m going to use WordPress as that’s what is used in the book and I’ve wanted to try it for some time now. I’ve used Drupal quite a lot in the past and present and will use even moreso in the future. But using WordPress isn’t too different from that plus it will give me an insight into what modules and features it has when compared with Drupal.

The next chapter covers writing for a blog. That should be a good one as I need all the help I can get!


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