Sidetracked for a few days…

January 16, 2009

I’ve been sidetracked for the past few days.

I finally decided it was time to learn (properly) some PHP.

I’ve tinkered with PHP in the past. Plus Visual Web Developer, Ruby on Rails, C++, etc… But as part of my New Year’s resolution I’ve committed to finishing what I start.

This tutorial has to be one of the best I’ve come across yet. It’s well written, informative and engaging.

I managed to go through it in about 4 days. I think I’ve grasped most of it fairly well. Even managed to put together a mind map of the core points covered in the series. If anyone wants a copy let me know.

I’ve a dilemma now – Where to next?

I feel I’ve got a handle on the basics but I’m not confident that I can develop my own web apps yet.

I suppose I’ll start with some simple widgets and the like, and gradually build towards some meatier projects.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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